Welcome to elijatech. Thank you for taking the time read my babblings.

I am Elija, a 40 something geek who lives in Kent which is known as the garden of England. Technically, I live in the compost heap, but that’s OK as someone has to!

I have been programming computers since I was thirteen years old, starting with a Vic 20, and then Atari ST and STe computers. I actually wrote a shoot ’em up for my Vic 20 using machine code. That is pure hex, no “namby pamby” languages like assembler. I will confess that it had a BASIC loader though. During a lengthy professional programming career spanning more than twenty years, I have worked in many languages. The most notable being RPG 3, RPG 4 ILE, CL, Basic, C, Cobol, Pascal, Vb Script, Javascript, Java, C#, PHP and SQL.

It has been over six years since I have had anything but Linux in one form or another on my PCs at home. As I said in a Linux forums post, my experience with Linux has been mostly good. Too smooth in fact to have become an expert even after all these years. I would consider myself no more than intermediate; either that or some kind of Linux god who instinctively avoids all problems but probably the former!


Sometimes free software isn’t free and sometimes free software isn’t free. Sometimes it’s both free and free and sometimes it’s neither free nor free! Why is this so hard to explain? – Me

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