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First and lasting impressions of Ubuntu 12.04

April 28, 2012


Test rig specifications Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 Intel core 2 duo 1.66GHz Intel 945GM graphics 4GB DDR2 ram 60GB sata hard disk Intel wired and wireless networking Intel pretty much everything else! Installation The installer is slick and professional. Installation is as simple as it canĀ  be without a single big button marked “GO”. The […]

Stop Ubuntu 11.10 killing your network!

March 26, 2012


Important update To be fair to Canonical, I have found that openSUSE 12.1 also suffers with this bug and the same fix works. I want to keep opinion out of this blog but I can’t help but wonder why these major distributions do not care that their product can destroy a wireless network in seconds. […]

Throw away Flash cookies

March 10, 2012


Target audience This tip is aimed at Linux users with a healthy sense of paranoia and a dislike of sneaky Internet tracking. Disclaimer This tip has a disadvantage if you use a lot of Flash sites and games in that your settings will no longer be saved. Here we go Local Shared Objects or “Flash […]

Mount your /tmp in ram

February 12, 2012


Target audience This tip is aimed at Linux users with 4GB or more ram. Those with less can also use this but they should reduce the amount of ram allocated. Disclaimer This tip involves messing around with a system file. If it goes wrong you could render your computer un-bootable. This is nothing that a […]

Flexible web development using name based virtual hosting

February 12, 2012


Target audience This tutorial is aimed at web developers and designers who have decided to use Linux (Debian or a derivative) to develop their sites. This tutorial is written using Linux Mint Debian Edition but should be valid for all other editions. Only minor changes should be required for other distributions. I’ll be leaving those […]